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Yamaha to develop remote management systems for industrial robots

Yamaha is bringing together different parts of its global business in an effort to develop remote management system packages for industrial robots.  

Yamaha Motor and Yamaha Corporation say they have utilized the technology and experience of both to develop the packages, which are scheduled to be released in fiscal 2018.

This alliance enables Yamaha Motor to make what it describes as a “full-scale entry” into the IoT business in the factory automation field, say the companies. 

The remote management system packages to be developed through this partnership aims to provide factories using automated production lines with comprehensive management systems in the network-based monitoring and (as necessary) maintenance of industrial robots being operated remotely.

Yamaha says it will establish stable end-to-end connections – factory to factory, and factory to manufacturer, and so on – while maintaining a high level of security via virtual private network connections.

The project aims to improve production line maintenance and operational precision, as well as significantly reduce man-hour requirements.

It will do so by enabling the monitoring of remote images from production lines, sensor monitoring, traceability, and remote maintenance, says Yamaha.

These types of remote management system packages also include software and cloud services that accumulate, manage, and analyze images from monitoring cameras and captured data, as well as management systems for network equipment and peripheral devices which connect maintenance centers and factories.

These packages are planned to be commercialized and sold by Yamaha Motor, and including this product, Yamaha Motor is aiming for sales in the factory business field of $263 million by 2021.

These packages will be exhibited at the International Robot Exhibition 2017 to be held from Wednesday, November 29.