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Yokogawa Electric launches new industrial automation and control solution

Yokogawa Electric, a Japanese industrial equipment company with about $3.5 billion revenue a year, has launched a new automation and control solution.

Yokogawa says its new Synaptic Business Automation system is a new industrial automation and control business concept that “expresses the company’s commitment to working with its customers to sustain their creation of corporate value”.

Based on the ideals expressed in the Synaptic Business Automation concept, Yokogawa says it will help companies achieve a transformation in how they conduct their business. 

Essentially Synaptic is a new digitalisation system, based on an industrial internet of things platform.

Yokogawa says it notes that manufacturers today face a variety of challenges, ranging from volatile shifts in the prices of crude oil and other raw materials and stiffening environmental and safety regulations to structural changes in their industries.


To remain competitive, they must have the agility to adapt quickly to change.

To guide its efforts to assist companies in meeting such challenges, Yokogawa adheres to a vision of, “Through ‘Process Co-Innovation’, Yokogawa creates new value with its clients for a brighter future.”

Yokogawa says it is helping companies improve efficiency and profitability by getting their various business units to work together more effectively and by eliminating barriers that impede the flow of information and goods throughout the supply chain and between companies.

“As the Internet of Things gains traction, a digitalization of processes is underway whereby the use of big data and artificial intelligence is yielding valuable insights needed to make business decisions,” it says.

The Synaptic Business Automation concept expresses Yokogawa’s commitment to using the latest information technologies and its decades of experience with plant management and industrial processes, portfolio of automation solutions, and consulting expertise to help its customers transform their businesses.