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Octopuz partners with SolidCAM to make programming industrial robots easier

Octopuz is officially partnering with SolidCAM, resulting in the “full integration” of the two companies’ products. 

The companies say this allows users to “benefit from the power of a world-class CAM software in SolidCAM, and bring these advanced tool paths to the world of industrial robotics using Octopuz”.

As a result of the new partnership, Octopuz now has the ability to import toolpaths from SolidCAM directly into the software for robotic applications. 

The company says it has taken the CNC based software and integrated the Octopuz machine, allowing tool paths, origins, and other parameters to be converted into the correct joints, twists, and turns of robotics.

The robot can then follow the path given the specifications set in SolidCAM or the manipulations applied to the paths in Octopuz.


Full error detection/avoidance is included for joint limits, reach limits, collisions, and singularities, says Octopuz.

Other highlights of the partnership include:

  • Importing Options: With Octopuz, you also can import all data including the part geometry, tooling, and tool paths from SolidCAM. After syncing, Octopuz will automatically open with the part and toolpath in the correct location relative to the robot user frame- ready to go.
  • Mapping Coordinate Systems: Coordinate systems in SolidCAM are mapped into Octopuz. An example of this is setting your base frame of your part in SolidCAM which will then be carried over to Octopuz upon import. Tool frames in SolidCAM will be mapped to J6 of the robot in Octopuz. This easy transition makes for a seamless integration between Octopuz and SolidCAM.
  • Support: With the purchase of SolidCAM and its intended use with Octopuz, Octopuz and SolidCAM’s support teams will ensure you have full training, implementation, and in-depth support for all of your robot and CNC programming needs.
  • Unique Packages: With the purchase of SolidCAM from Octopuz, the company offers four unique packages developed to provide the correct features for your tooling needs in terms of 2D, 3D, and multi-axis operations.

Asked about the partnership with Octopuz for programming robots, Ken Merritt, partner manager for SolidCAM, says: “SolidCAM works strategically with many partners in the manufacturing industry. Our goal is always to bring ‘best in class’ solutions together for our customers.

“We know that it is very often the blending of unique, and sometimes interdependent, technologies that opens the door to stunning improvements in performance, quality and profitability for companies competing in this global market.

“We are always looking for partners, whose integrity, service and product offerings are multiple steps above the average. When we met Octopuz and realized the power of their products, we knew immediately that this partnership was destined for greatness.

“Modern robots are doing so much more today than just pick and place, so having the ability to program a wide variety of tool paths with the power, flexibility and robust capabilities of SolidCAM is essential.

“Coupled with the simulation and robotic control that Octopuz brings to the table, the partnership is opening up amazing options throughout the manufacturing industry.”