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Calian’s systems engineering division wins contract from DCT Delta

Calian’s systems engineering division has been awarded a contract by DCT Delta.

Under the contract, Calian will design and develop a cable network DocSis 3.0/3.1 Remote PHY hardware module for DCT Delta’s family of industry-leading hybrid fiber coax-based fibre node products.

While the contract is not financially material to Calian, it represents a key win in the evolution of its communication products business. 

The cable industry, facing capacity challenges and cost pressures due to increasing consumer demand for higher-bandwidth services, is looking to the DocSis 3.1 next-generation CableLabs standard.

This new standard enables higher-bandwidth services by more fully utilizing the co-axial cable network component of existing cable systems.

DocSis 3.1 Remote PHY technologies will enable cable operators to make more efficient use of their existing coax networks and offer customers higher internet data speeds.

Under the terms of the contract, Calian’s systems engineering division is developing a dedicated DocSis Remote PHY hardware module for integration into DCT Delta’s fibre node platform.

The development will combine Calian’s DocSis 3.0/3.1 Remote PHY intellectual property with a sophisticated yet flexible custom hardware platform based on the latest generation of programmable logic and analog signal processing devices available in the marketplace.

DCT Delta’s high-end fibre platform enables an optimized Remote PHY setup which can be positioned closer to the end-customer.

Patrick Thera, president of Calian’s systems engineering division, says: “SED is very pleased to be working with DCT DELTA at the very forefront of this exciting new technology.

“This project builds on our position as a leading designer/manufacturer of DocSis 3.0/3.1 Remote PHY IP.

“We are confident that our solution will enable DCT Delta to offer their customers the ultimate combination of power efficiency, performance, and versatility.

“Operators will be able to cost effectively evolve their solutions while maintaining existing technology investments.

“This is increasingly critical in the face of continual and rapid evolution of technology in the cable network space.”

Ulrich Kiebler, DCT Delta’s president and CEO, says: “This contract combines SED’s DocSis 3.0/3.1 Remote PHY IP and expertise in generating compelling hardware designs with DCT Delta’s industry leading fiber node product portfolio and vast expertise in hybrid fiber/coax technology to create a next generation Remote PHY node perfectly aligned with emerging requirements for distributed access architectures.

“DCT Delta has already established our DocSis 3.1 fibre and coaxial products in many markets around the world and is now aggressively expanding our portfolio to include Remote RHY.

“We are very excited about the new opportunities in HFC networks as architectures evolve and we look forward to further discussions with existing and new customers about their needs in this space.”

Kevin Ford, Calian president and CEO, says: “Evolution of our service lines is a key element of our growth strategy. Our continued focus, investment and success in the development of communication products is another great example of the innovation happening at Calian.

“This contract with DCT DELTA is an exciting development for the company.”