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robot at singapore-international-robo-expo

South-east Asian nations partner to create robotics ecosystem

Several south-eastern Asian nations have entered into a partnership to create what’s being described as a “robotics ecosystem” for the region. 

The basic idea is to increase the use of robotics, automation, and related technologies to improve their industrial sector.

Industry associations from Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam have agreed to sign a deal which was outlined by trade minister Dr Koh Poh, at the ongoing Singapore International Robo Expo

As quoted by Channel News Asia, Dr Koh says: “Innovation is at its best when we broaden the network and work together to co-create solutions and face challenges together.”

As well as industry associations and governmental agencies, private-sector companies such as ST Engineering – which recently acquired Aethon – will also sign up to the agreement.


The partnership between the nations is also designed to encourage the establishment of new companies in the robotics and automation sector.

Dr Koh says: “Startups are engines of innovation and it is no different for robotics.

“If Singapore is able to develop and vibrant ecosystem for robotics startups, we will be in a good position to gain a competitive edge in a high growth industry that thrives on new ideas and innovation.”