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emerson G3 island 32 coils

Emerson launches high density pneumatic valve island

Emerson has launched what it describes as “a major update” to the ASCO Numatics G3 Series electronic valve island platform.

The company says the new system will enable a reduction in installation costs.

The valve island has been expanded so that it can control up to 128 solenoid valves on a single valve island assembly. 

Emerson says this allows more valves to be controlled from a single node, enabling savings in the number of nodes and the cabling, internal tubing and electrical connections in the cabinet.

The company says its customers will benefit when they control a high density of valves or pneumatic equipment in a packaging plant or on a skid.

Uwe Claus, global vice president marketing, says: “The new functionality enables designers to minimise expensive cabinet space and have fewer nodes dedicated to pneumatic valve islands.

“Now, designers can place more valves in a single cabinet or use a smaller enclosure to house the same number of valves. In addition, installers will only have to set up and configure one node, saving time and labour cost.”

The expanded valve platforms can support up to 128 11mm solenoid valves and up to 80 18mm and 26mm valves. To increase the valve platforms’ capacity, mid-station blocks were added with valve drivers and auxiliary power connectors.

This flexible approach allows customers to pay only for the capacity and functionality required in their design. A wide variety of communication protocols are supported, including Ethernet/IPTM DLR, Profibus DP, and Valve

Emerson says it is “highly recommended” that customers use the flexible and powerful online dynamic product modelling tool when designing pneumatic valve island installations to save time in design and selection.

The DPM tool enables the valve islands to be fully configured. It produces a unique specification for that product and enables a CAD drawing to be downloaded, says Emerson.

Claus says: “Our new G3 Series platform is ideal for use in life sciences –
pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical, food and beverage, fine chemicals, and water/wastewater applications.”