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Chinese manufacturer claims ‘first’ fully automated production line for a type of solar cell

A Chinese manufacturer called Tongwei has opened a factory which features what is claimed to be the “world’s first” unmanned, fully automated monocrystalline solar cell production line. 

This is according to a report on, which says Tongwei is testing the fully automated production system with a view to rolling it out across all its operations.

The company currently has the capacity to produce monocrystalline cell capacity of around 3.4 gigawatts, with an additional 2 GW multicrystalline solar cell capacity. 

Solar power products manufacturing has been growing in Asia for some time, with some saying there is an oversupply of photo-voltaic cells.

Some say the solar power revolution is “unavoidable” in Asia.


Another company PV Tech reports on is called GCL System, which started production at its solar cell plant in Vietnam, with its partner company Vina Solar.

The facility uses “fully automated assembly” process, which includes the use of industrial robotic arms (main picture).

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