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fanuc m-410ic-110 palletising robot

Fanuc claims its new palletising robot is ‘fastest’ in its class

Fanuc has unveiled a new palletizing robot which it claims is the fastest in its class. 

Fanuc is believed the be the world’s largest industrial robot manufacturer, and debuted its new robot at Pack Expo a few days ago.

The company says the Fanuc M-410iC/110 is “capable of performing 2040 standard palletizing cycles an hour, making it the fastest palletizing robot in its class”. 

The robot also features a “compact footprint with a 646 mm interference radius, ideal for tight workspaces”, says Fanuc.

The M-410iC/110 robot is designed for high-volume production in case, bag and bottle palletizing operations.

It features a 110 kg payload, four-axis articulation, a compact footprint, and a slim arm with through-arm cable routing to simplify dressout and minimize interference with tooling and other peripheral devices.