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WinSystems launches new single-board computer for industrial applications

WinSystems, a provider of industrial embedded solutions, has launched a new single-board computer.

The company says the new PPM-C412 series is designed for demanding environments and applications, and offers a broad spectrum of I/O features and the ability to expand functionality in a densely populated, standalone SBC solution.

The new computer is also PC/104-Plus-compatible, and delivers greater performance and a clear upgrade path for current PPM-LX800 users while providing full ISA-compatible PC/104-Plus expansion, says WinSystems. 

Technical sales director George Hilliard says: “Current PPM-LX800 SBC users will appreciate the PPM-C412’s superior performance thanks to its Vortex DX3 System on Chip, which offers a 32-bit X 86 architecture with a dual-core microprocessor.

“An impressive amount of functionality and communications connectivity is packed into its small footprint, all engineered and tested to withstand harsh industrial temperatures and high levels of vibration and shock.”


The PPM-C412 incorporates dual Ethernet ports coupled with four serial ports, four USB channels and an LPT port for myriad communications options.

It also includes dual simultaneous display outputs – one LVDS and one VGA – for Human Machine Interface (HMI) displays.

It also provides 24 GPIO for monitoring and control, resulting in an I/O-rich, rugged SBC occupying minimal space.

The PPM-C412 can be used on its own or in combination with the PC/104-PLUS bus to expand functionality and capitalize on its full ISA compatibility, averting the need to re-engineer system architectures.

WinSystems says the PPM-C412 is specifically built for rugged industrial environments, with low power requirements, up to 2 GB RAM and an operating temperature range of -40ºC to +85ºC.

The company adds that the computer comes with “a 10-year availability”, and extends the product life of systems using commercial off the shelf and proprietary PC/104 expansion modules.