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Rockwell Automation launches infrastructure-as-a-service to simplify setting up industrial networks

Rockwell Automation has launched an infrastructure-as-a-service which the company says simplifies and accelerates networks.

The new service bundles networking products and remote-monitoring support into one contract.

Rockwell says a secure and robust network infrastructure is essential to improving overall competitiveness in a connected enterprise, but designing, deploying and maintaining this infrastructure can be complex and time consuming for many companies, and is often too costly for their capital budgets. 

This is why Rockwell says it launched its IaaS offering, “to address these challenges”.

Rockwell says its IaaS “reduces the burden of network deployments” by combining pre-engineered network solutions, on-site configuration and 24/7 remote monitoring into a single five-year contract.


The result is simplified ordering and commissioning upfront, and can help improve network reliability long term, adds Rockwell.

The service can also ease budgetary strains by shifting networking costs from a capital expense to an operating expense.

All aspects of IaaS are aligned to the Converged Plantwide Ethernet (CPwE) reference architectures developed by Rockwell Automation and Cisco.

The two companies say they can optimize their network infrastructure’s performance, efficiency and uptime, as well as address security risks.

Sherman Joshua, connected services portfolio manager, Rockwell Automation, says: “Companies of all sizes are eager to digitally transform their operations in a Connected Enterprise, but many are limited in their ability to connect their infrastructure.

“Often, a combination of time, talent and budgetary constraints hold them back. IaaS helps relieve these pressures by combining turnkey networking solutions with our highest level of support.”

Rockwell Automation is offering the new IaaS service with two pre-engineered network solutions, including the Industrial Data Center and the Industrial Network Distribution Solution.

These solutions are designed for industrial use and incorporate technologies from Rockwell partners Cisco, Panduit and Microsoft.

The IDC provides all the hardware and software needed to transition to a virtualized environment, and is designed to deliver high availability and fault tolerance.

The INDS is a network distribution package that helps end users achieve secure, high-capacity connectivity between the control room and throughout the plant floor.

Under an IaaS contract, Rockwell says it will size, assemble and test the infrastructure, including configuration and on-site deployment at the customer’s facility.

Contracts include 24/7 remote monitoring of critical system parameters to help prevent outages and failures, as well as proactive system maintenance and checks to improve reliability.

Support response is guaranteed within 10 minutes, but actual response times average three minutes, claims Rockwell.