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China’s largest industrial robot maker Siasun opens new facility in Shengyang

Siasun Robot and Automation, which is claimed to be China’s largest industrial robot manufacturer, has opened a new facility in Shengyang, north-east China. 

Siasun became the first member of the US Robotics Industries Association when it joined the industry body last month.

The company has invested more than $300 million in its new Shengyang industrial park, according to Chinese news agency XinhuaNet

The building is said to have taken five years to construct, and includes a robot demonstration showroom, a research and development centre, and a manufacturing plant.

It also features what is described as a “digital intelligent factory”, which is said to be a demonstration of how robots, intelligent equipment, and information technology can be combined in the manufacturing process.


The annual production capacity of the facility is said to be 10,000 robots, and the total number of people employed at the facility is approximately 2,000.

Siasun was established 17 years ago, and is part of the Chinese Academy of Sciences.