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Arnold Automation becomes ‘first official distributor’ of Ready Robotics’ ‘robot for hire’

New business model allows companies of various sizes to buy or lease robots, says Ready Robotics

Arnold Automation, a newly created division of Arnold Packaging, says it has signed the first-ever distribution deal with Ready Robotics to distribute the TaskMate, Ready Robotics’ flexible automation platform.

The TaskMate can be quickly deployed in a wide variety of manufacturing environments and easily programmed to perform repetitive tasks. 

As a distributor of the TaskMate, Arnold Packaging is selling the robotic system or renting it to clients for terms ranging from month-to-month, up to three years.

The robotic systems are being distributed through Arnold Packaging’s new automation division, Arnold Automation, which focuses exclusively on helping customers across the United States to leverage automation in order to reduce labor costs, increase profitability and maximize resource allocation.


Mick Arnold, president of Arnold Packaging, says: “At Arnold Packaging, our mission has always been to increase our customers’ profitability through productivity.

“When we learned what Ready Robotics was developing with the TaskMate, we immediately knew the value it could add to our clients.

“A manufacturers’ most valuable asset is its labor. By providing an affordable and scalable solution that will handle tedious and at times dangerous, but necessary production tasks, we can free up skilled workers to do more meaningful and complex work – which adds immense value and profitability to the business.”

As part of its distribution program, Arnold Packaging says it provides comprehensive services including designing the application, handling the initial programming of the robot and parts presentation, conducting a cost benefit analysis of labor costs and leading two-day training sessions so that clients can independently re-program the robot to perform new tasks as needed.

Ben Gibbs, CEO of Ready Robotics says the TaskMate is not only collaborative, safe and efficient, it’s also easy to use.

Gibbs says: “Historically, you practically had to be a computer scientist to program a robot. But our software interface is incredibly intuitive.

“Using Ready’s TaskForge software, even small to medium-sized companies can realize the productivity and potential of robotic manufacturing.

“Arnold Packaging’s decades of expertise in manufacturing and automation made them the perfect distributor for the TaskMate.

“They have the in-depth knowledge and connections to successfully bring this service to the manufacturing community and we look forward to seeing how businesses of all sizes adopt the TaskMate and use it to improve their operations and effectiveness.”

Arnold believes the increased use of robots is a significant step forward in rebuilding the national manufacturing industry.

He says: “The reality is that while the need for manufacturing work is on the rise, the manufacturing workforce is declining due to an ageing population and a lack of skilled labor.

“The use of robotics allows companies to fill skills gaps, reallocate skilled employees to more valuable parts of the business and keep up with industry demands.”