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vPersonalize launches ‘first’ integrated 3D design and manufacturing automation software for one-off, small batch and on-demand manufacturing


vPersonalize – which is backed by venture capital company Accel – says its patented 3D design-to-manufacturing automation software enables mass adoption of a new way of manufacturing

A US company called vPersonalize is claiming to have become the first company to launch a unified design-to-manufacturing software solution. 

The company says the new application is aimed at brands, designers and manufacturers to enhance operational efficiency, optimize product development, and help bring innovative products to market quickly.

Utilising a portfolio of patented technologies, vPersonalize says it has delivered “the only design to manufacturing automation solution that makes small batch and custom manufacturing viable at regular price points”. 

The company says its cloud-based platform provides the ability to quickly choose from a catalog of pre-made products or digitize one’s own custom product and then design, proof or co-create and automatically have them converted into size-graded, production ready patterns, through a linked e-commerce and order management system.

Designs can be transferred automatically across entire product lines, generating multiple stock keeping units across different styles, materials, and sizes.


Bala Selvarajan, co-founder and CEO of vPersonalize, says: “We see the future as being inventory-light and on-demand, where long design lead times, absence of inventory intelligence, product line limitation and a lack of customization are a thing of the past.

“With on-demand manufacturing, brands can now make what sells, when it sells and quickly get it to where it sells.”

In a short period of time, vPersonalize has signed on a wide range of customers, including two of the top 20 apparel manufacturers in USA, sports apparel brands, full service custom fashion makers and clothing brands in USA, Canada and Australia.

Sean Saberi, CEO of FabFad, an apparel manufacturer based in Los Angeles that works with several large brands, has partnered with vPersonalize to offer an integrated solution to his clients.

Saberi says: “The integrated workflow enables the brands we work with to fully customize their products.

“Because the 3D apparel designer is connected to the production automation system, our customers can then order through the same cloud-based platform and have the products made on-demand, which has significantly reduced lead times.

“Clients feel far more in control, as they are able to create and see their designs in real time and then get it manufactured as seen.

Chuck Carothers, partner at CanvasMX, one of the earliest adopters of vPersonalize, says: “As a brand focused on custom racing apparel, manufacturing one-offs had always been time consuming and expensive.

“Using vPersonalize’s automated pattern generation and grading, we are now able to manufacture one-off, custom products in a fraction of the time it used to take and at very affordable price points.

“Their 3D clothing designer has further helped drive sales and conversions.”

Zack Hurley, CEO of Indie Source, a full service apparel manufacturer based in Los Angeles and an early adopter of vPersonalize, says: “Using a combination of technology and automation, we are helping bring manufacturing jobs back to the US.

“With automation, the balance of power has shifted. For order volumes of 1000 or less, it is now more economical to make in US than abroad, which incur customs and shipping, not to mention long transit times and details lost in translation.”