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Software in manufacturing: A list of the most well known


Software Advice, a business unit of Gartner, has produced a list of manufacturing software applications which would be worth perusing if you’re on the market for such things. 

Even if you’re not looking to buy, it’s worth noting that the manufacturing sector is gradually being digitised, or digitalised. It’s increasingly about how well you know

Nowadays, it’s increasingly about how well you know software. Having said that, making things remains the fundamental activity, of course. 

Software Advice positions the companies and their products on a grid with four quadrants – leaders, masters, contenders and pacesetters.

They also give them ratings of up to five stars and use other metrics to help potential buyers make their choices, and provide demos.


For further analysis, visit the relevant page at Software Advice. In the meantime, here is a list of some of the companies the website mentions, with some links – in no particular order.

Some of the solutions mentioned by Software Advice are not primarily for manufacturing – they are not manufacturing execution systems, and some are enterprise resource planning applications.

However, many have versions which are suitable for manufacturing operations.

For example, Oracle NetSuite is probably more well known in sectors other than manufacturing, but NetSuite Manufacturing Edition is said to offer integrated inventory, warehouse management, accounting and financial management, order management, customer relationship management, and an e-commerce platform, all of which can be hosted in the cloud.

NetSuite is positioned at the top of the list produced by Software Advice because the solution received the highest number of recommendations through the website.