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Yujin Robot awarded patent for system of recognising locations and positions for robotic vacuum cleaner


South Korean robotics and automation company Yujin Robot has been awarded a patent relating to technology that enables mobile robots to pinpoint the locations and positions. 

Awareness of its own precise location within an environment and the location of other objects close by is obviously a crucial requirement of a mobile robot.

Yujin says the new technology in the patent “has the effect of reducing the position error caused by tilting or sliding of mobile robots, and enables stable position recognition”. 

The company adds: “It is possible to acquire the distance information about the obstacle even if it does not have a dedicated sensor for high-priced distance measurement.”

Yujin provides a range of mobile robots for cleaning and restaurant services. Its robotic vacuum cleaner looks similar to other products in the globally growing market.


The company says it will continue to research and develop the competitiveness of its service robot products for cleaning, and look at ways of increasing exports.