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Rockwell Automation launches new range of industrial computers and thin clients


Rockwell Automation has launched a new line of open architecture industrial computers and thin clients.

Thin clients are lightweight computers used to connect to a server from a remote location.

Rockwell says its new VersaView 5000 portfolio provides a “modern visualization solution for smart manufacturing”. 

The company says it recognises that many manufacturers struggle with unreliable human machine interface applications that use obsolete operating systems.

With the new family of Allen-Bradley VersaView 5000 industrial computers, thin clients and monitors, Rockwell says manufacturers can now modernize their standalone or distributed human machine interface applications to support smart manufacturing.


Chris Mason, product manager of industrial computers and monitors, Rockwell Automation, says: “The VersaView 5000 portfolio is our latest open architecture HMI or industrial computer offering.

“An open architecture design gives manufacturers greater freedom to install the software that fits their needs.

“The portfolio also includes our largest ever full-HD screen size, which can display more information and replicate control room displays on the plant floor for more efficient data sharing.”

The VersaView 5000 portfolio, part of the Rockwell Automation scalable compute offerings, includes the following products:

  • VersaView 5400 display and nondisplay computers;
  • VersaView 5200 display and nondisplay thin clients; and
  • VersaView 5100 monitors.

The display options include an edge-to-edge glass display, a new 22-inch widescreen option, full HD and 10-point multitouch capabilities to help improve operator productivity.

When combined with FactoryTalk View Site Edition software from Rockwell Automation in distributed applications, Rockwell says the VersaView 5400 industrial computers can provide cost-effective compliance with 21 CFR Part 11.

The software stores, processes and transmits electronic records and signatures to show which employees have made changes. This is critical for highly regulated industries like life sciences.

The VersaView 5200 thin clients, the first from Rockwell Automation, are designed to be the preferred thin client hardware for use with the company’s ThinManager software.

The software centrally manages content and visualization for every aspect of modern industrial operations.

It can help reduce downtime and maintenance by simplifying the management of all devices and users. And its location-based Relevance technology from Rockwell Automation can deliver the right content, to the right worker, at the right time and place.

When used with the ThinManager software, the VersaView 5200 thin clients can start receiving information as soon as they are plugged in.

Device configuration is not needed, resulting in faster device replacement, says Rockwell, which adds that, because information is stored on a server instead of locally, sensitive information is less likely to be lost if a device goes missing.

The ThinManager software also provides multifactor user authentication, including biometric authentication using fingerprint scanning.

In addition to the new 22-inch screen size, the VersaView 5000 portfolio includes 12-inch, 15-inch and 19-inch widescreen options. All screens have 10-point multitouch capabilities.

The VersaView 5000 portfolio also helps reduce maintenance needs. It uses a supercapacitor, which mitigates the need to replace batteries and simplifies air shipment logistics.

In addition, an edge-to-edge, all-glass touchscreen reduces cleaning efforts by eliminating the residue buildup that can occur on traditional systems.