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gm surus autonomous platform

General Motors reveals autonomous electric mobile platform


General Motors has unveiled a new type of vehicle which the company says is flexible, autonomous and is powered by fuel cell technology – or electric. 

GM says the Silent Utility Rover Universal Superstructure – Surus, for short – delivers highly mobile autonomous capability and agility in unpredictable terrain.

This would make it suitable for military use, which is what GM is aiming at. But it could also find applications in the commercial logistics industry, another market GM has listed where Surus could find work.

The vehicle uses GM’s newest Hydrotec fuel cell system, autonomous capability and truck chassis components to deliver high-performance, zero-emission propulsion to minimize logistical burdens and reduce human exposure to harm.

Benefits include quiet and odor-free operation, off-road mobility, field configuration, instantaneous high torque, exportable power generation, water generation and quick refueling times, according to the company.


Charlie Freese, executive director of GM’s global fuel cell business, says: “Surus redefines fuel cell electric technology for both highway and off-road environments.

“General Motors is committed to bringing new high-performance, zero-emission systems to solve complex challenges for a variety of customers.”

The vehicle is said to have four-wheel steering, a hydrogen storage system capable of 400 miles range, and two electric drive units, among other features.