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Elmo launches new Gold Twitter 80 A servo drive


Elmo, a supplier of motion control technology, has expanded its Gold Twitter of servo drives.

The company says it aims to empower motion applications with high intelligence servo drives and multi-axis motion controllers.

Elmo says its motion control solutions “effectively answer the needs for smart manufacturing”. 

It says its family of servo drives offers highest power and Intelligence density, ultra high current, ultra small, ultra-light, ultra efficient, and negligible electro-magnetic interference.

Elmo’s motion control solutions address diverse challenges for motion control and are adopted in a wide range of applications, including automation, robotics, autonomous guided vehicles and any motion control application that requires high performance servo operation


Weighing in at approximately 20grams and with a volume of less than 13 cubic cm, Elmo says its new Gold Twitter servo drive is ideal for applications with extreme space, tough environment, and high power constraints.

The newest addition to the Gold Twitter family, G-TWI 80A/80V, is capable of delivering over 5000w of qualitative power, making it ideal for the most demanding industrial applications.

It is STO (IEC 61800-5-2, SIL-3) certified making it the world’s smallest STO certified servo drive. Elmo says its compact, rugged and efficient servo drives can be placed on the moving load, on the motor, or in the motor thus improving performance, saving space, reducing cables and almost eliminating electrical cabinets

Haim Monhait, Elmo motion control CEO, says: “Designing and manufacturing a powerful drive such as the Gold Twitter requires lots of innovation to accomplish the challenges of creating the most advance servo performance, very efficient power conversion, and thermal and heat smart control, meet severe EMI needs, high ruggedness to withstand tough environmental conditions, comply with very tough safety STDs and with utmost Quality and Reliability.

“Such an ultra-tiny servo drive serves Elmo’s philosophy for leaner machinery that performs with the highest speed and accuracy. It really demonstrates Elmo’s approach of cutting costs by technology.

“Our robust motion control solutions are integrated at the heart of machines enabling highest speed and precision. Elmo’s solutions facilitate support for todays and tomorrow’s advanced motion systems.”