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abb ev charging system

ABB shows off its range of electric vehicle charging solutions


As countries all over the world continue to expand their electric vehicle charging infrastructure to cope with increasing consumer and commercial demand, ABB is showcasing its innovative range of solutions at industry event Electric Vehicle Symposium and Exhibition, being held now in Stuttgart.

According to the International Energy Agency, more than 2 million electric cars were on the road worldwide in 2016.

And that number is expected to grow to between 9 and 20 million by 2020.

So the demand for effective EV charging infrastructure has never been greater. 

Following 12 years of research and development in EV solutions, ABB says it is fueling the charge to develop and deploy internet-based charging infrastructure that supports all EV charging standards, part of the ABB Ability portfolio of solutions.


At the EVS30 in Stuttgart, ABB is showcasing its total solutions, from DC fast charging stations with robust connectivity, to innovative on-demand electric bus charging systems and its newest EV charging solution, the Terra HP, the first 150-350 kW product on the market.

Frank Mühlon, head of ABB’s global business for electric vehicle charging, says: “The ABB team has extensive experience, working with all types of projects, from small en-route installations to innovative city-wide, on-demand electric bus charging systems.

“It’s this depth of knowledge and the ability to work closely with our customers that has enabled us to develop a range of future proof solutions for environmentally friendly transport systems.”

All ABB chargers are designed to be highly durable, reliable, effective and long lasting, with in-built future proofing.

Their modular construction ensures continued operation, and the use of industry-grade components guarantee an extended lifetime and robust operation.

For car users, ABB’s effective EV charging infrastructure has been designed to accommodate the differing needs of drivers and providers.

ABB’s solutions support all open charging standards and are, therefore, compatible for charging all electric vehicles currently on European roads.

The highway and en-route products can charge an EV in 15–30 minutes and critically, all chargers can be combined with comprehensive solutions for user authorization, payment and network connectivity.

Meanwhile, ABB Heavy Vehicle Charger solutions offer high power fast charging systems that allow electric transit buses to charge on-route and at the bus depot overnight, with minimal impact on operation; enabling true zero-emission public transit.

For successful commercial charging networks, it is crucial that EV chargers can connect to the internet.

Mühlon says: “It’s not just about creating the solutions; it’s about making sure that the solutions keep the people moving.

“To meet the needs of the next generation of smart transportation, we developed ABB Ability Connected Services, which allow for greater visibility and control of infrastructure networks, minimizing downtime and increasing efficiency.”

ABB Ability delivers web-enabled connectivity that allows network operators to perform several functions, including the remote monitoring and configuring of charge points, the resolution of driver issues, the servicing of equipment with minimal downtime and the flexibility to connect to any charging network, back-office, payment or energy management solution.

Also, ABB Charger Care is available for all ABB EV charging products [including the Terra 23 and 53 fast chargers, the new Terra HP high-power charger, HVC e-bus chargers, DC wall boxes and AC chargers].

Designed to minimize downtime, Charger Care provides a number of modules including proactive monitoring, preventative and corrective maintenance, training programs and software upgrades.

Mühlon says: “We are working hard to build a smarter and greener network and believe that EV technology is the key to driving up efficient transport systems across Europe and beyond. We are proud to be working with our customers to build stronger EV infrastructures for the future.”