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Fanuc reveals new RoboShot range for precision injection moulding


Fanuc has revealed its new RoboShot range for precision injection moulding. 

The company will be showcasing its RoboShot technology at the forthcoming Fakuma trade fair, in Germany, later this month.

Fanuc says that, in recent years, injection moulders have shown an increasing interest in all-electric injection moulding machines with particularly economic energy balance as well as in fully automatic production systems. 

Fanuc will exhibit three of its all-electric RoboShot injection moulding machines at Fakuma 2017, in Hall B3 on Stand 3211, which will take users’ current requirements into consideration.

Live demonstrations will include a number of innovations relating to Fanuc RoboShot.


A 150-ton RoboShot Alpha-S150iA in a fully automatic production cell will show 
precision parts with light conductor in a two-component injection moulding process.

Visitors can also get information regarding economic production of moulded parts in LSR on a 130-ton version supported by an M-10iA – M-20iA Fanuc robot.

Another exhibit, a 30-ton RoboShot Alpha-S30iA with a M-1iA robot, produces smartphone precision connectors in LCP in a highly economically way, says Fanuc.

Wolfgang Haak, production manager, Fanuc RoboShot, says: “With three specific applications, we will show a cross-section of the Fanuc RoboShot performance in cooperation with renowned systems partners… with energy recovery control, consistent repeatability, precision and process security and torque-dependent dosing control – PMC2 and PMC3 – with a specific backflow monitor and the efficient AI mould protection.

“Last, but not least, we will demonstrate our economic and technological competence, in conjunction with our systems partners, in the sectors two-component injection moulding and production cells with high flexibility.”

Production cell for two-component applications

On a Fanuc RoboShot Alpha-S 150iA with vertical SI-20iA injection unit – integrated in a Robotech Plastic-Mate production cell – automotive parts with light conductor are produced in Macrolon PC in a Weber two-cavity turntable mould.

Part removal is carried out by a Fanuc LR-Mate 6-axis industrial robot, combined with a linear axis as well as an iRVision integrated visual control station.

The result is 100 percent assured double-sided part control, consistent component weight and a total cycle time of only 57 seconds.

Co-operation between Fanuc and Nexus

One of the planned highlights will be the system with a Nexus RoboShot LSR, which brings premium performance to elastomer injection moulding, says Fanuc.

The associated injection mould, made in the in-house tool shop, with TimeShot cold-runner control will be supplemented by the integration of two ServoMix dosing systems with unique Splinex technology and the new NanoShoreMix LSR application – Nexus ServoMix E200 Premium Edition + Nexus ServoMix E20 Eco.

Also to be demonstrated is the production of a component in Elastosil 3066/60 liquid silicon by Wacker.