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Huawei partners with Infosys and Wapwag to launch IoT systems for robots


Huawei is partnering with Infosys and Wapwag to launch a range of internet of things solutions for robotics and automation systems. 

Huawei is mainly a communications company which builds networks and some phones; Infosys is a software developer; and Wapwag is a water management specialist.

The companies say their new “important innovative practices” include smart robots and machine tools, as well smart water systems, based on open edge computing IoT, which will “accelerate the implementation of industry applications”. 

As digital transformation continues, industries such as manufacturing and water management are developing towards intelligent IoT, says Huawei.

However, the company says the network edge still faces many challenges such as having many heterogeneous connections and difficulties in data analysis, data processing, and device management.


The smart industrial robots or machine tools solution jointly released by Huawei and Infosys, based on open edge computing IoT, supports the interconnection with industrial robots or machine tools of different vendors, quickly adapts to intelligent data processing requirements in different industrial manufacturing scenarios.

It helps manufacturers anticipate faults, and improves maintenance efficiency of robots or machine tools, say the companies.

Mike Liu, the vice president of Infosys and country head in Infosys Greater China, says: “Infosys and Huawei have jointly innovated the intelligent industrial robot or machine tool interconnection solution.

“The solution implements predictive maintenance, helping manufacturers greatly improve maintenance efficiency.

“The downtime of industrial robots or machine tools is reduced by over 70 per cent and the defect rate is reduced by 40 per cent.

“The solution can help schedule production based on device resource usage and it can also optimize production lines, significantly improving the production efficiency.”

In addition, the smart water solution jointly launched by Huawei and Wapwag, based on edge computing IoT, adapts to many different scenarios such as where old and new water supply devices coexist, when devices from multiple plants are deployed, and where there are many types of interfaces and protocols.

The solution meets the demands of intelligent data processing at the edge in different water management scenarios and realizes intelligent connections of water supply devices, say the companies.

Feng Yang, the vice general manager of Wapwag Smart Water, says: “The innovative smart water affair solution jointly launched by Huawei and Wapwag based on edge computing IoT provides a comprehensive solution, covering water supply planning, design, construction, operation, and operations and management.

“The solution monitors equipment and water quality in real time and anticipates device faults. It also helps water affair enterprises and business management departments ensure the safety and quality of supplied water and reduces O&M costs.”

Currently, Huawei edge computing IoT is in wide use in fields such as elevator connection networks, smart manufacturing, smart water matters, power IoT, cities, and lighting IoT.

Huawei has also recently joined hands with 116 partners in the industry to initiate the Edge Computing Consortium, promoting rapid innovation and accelerating digital transformation through open architecture.

Swift Liu, president of Huawei network solutions research and development department, says: “The Huawei edge computing IoT solution is extremely open. It supports various industrial protocols and interfaces and is widely applied to various industry connectivity scenarios.

“In addition, it leverages its open edge computing capabilities and cloud management architecture to rapidly meet intelligent data processing requirements in different industries.

“This helps industries quickly innovate, improves production efficiency and quality, reduces O&M costs, and improves public services.”

Huawei enterprise network products and solutions are already in use in more than 100 countries and regions around the world.

Enterprise digital transformation is accelerated through the smart connection of everything.

To date, 197 of the Fortune 500 and 45 of the top 100 have selected Huawei as their digital transformation partner.