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Yusen Logistics launches robotic, automated warehouse featuring Swisslog technology


Yusen Logistics Singapore has unveiled a new robotic, automated warehouse featuring Swisslog AutoStore automated storage and order picking system.

The Asian logistics giant has also broken ground to expand the facility to include a new warehouse. 

Yusen says it is advancing the existing operation productivity by:

  • optimising storage volume for a 1,260 square metre floor area, in existing building, from 2,000 cubic metres to 3,500 cubic metres;
  • increasing throughput for receiving, sorting and put-away by 18 times;
  • upskilling 60 per cent of manual labour by transforming manual tasks to digital skills;
  • increasing high volume and high mix order fulfilment rate by 200 per cent; and
  • creating new data analytical jobs – executives analysing data from various digital systems to uncover new patterns for operational improvements and to improve customers’ supply chain efficiency and effectiveness.

Ready by Q1 2019, the new three-storey ramp-up warehouse is designed and built by Boustead Projects and is said to offer “seamless process integration with the existing building”.

Advanced robotic, radio-frequency identification, vision recognition system and autonomous technology will be installed and integrated with Swisslog Autostore, to transform the conventional warehouse operation to smart data driven logistics operation.


The new warehouse comprises 20,000 square metres of storage area, with 36 loading bays and an 8,000 square meter rooftop parking area for up to 100 trailers.

Kenji Mizushima, president of Yusen Logistics, says: “We are always applying insight, service quality and innovation to be the world’s preferred supply chain logistics company.

“This new warehouse in a strategic location is equipped with the most advanced technology.

“We will create sustainable growth for Singapore by providing high quality supply chain logistics service that will meet our customers’ needs.”

Francis Kwa, head of contract logistics and information System, Yusen Logistics Singapore, says: “Data driven operation provides the infrastructure for process customisation.

“The capabilities to provide customisable work processes mean Yusen Logistics can tailor specific services for the various industry verticals.

“This is a unique capability. Singapore is a global transportation hub with extensive trade links and market connectivity.

“Storage space with tailored quality, reliable and consistent value-added services provide competitive advantages to our customers who use Singapore as a regional distribution centre.”

Ng Kim Hung, managing director, Yusen Logistics Singapore, says: “We are transforming ourselves to get closer to our customers and helping them with challenges that they are facing.

“With a vision to create sustainable growth for society, Yusen Logistics works towards driving productivity, space and operational efficiency by re-skilling our employees through partnership with educational institutions to be ready for the future and be equipped with the skills for automation.

“We strive to create better connections where we convert insights into actions to optimise their supply chain in the most effective and efficient way.”

Swisslog says its AutoStore solution aligns with Yusen’s vision of achieving a smart logistics operation.

The facility is located in Tuas, Singapore.

Exterior of Yusen’s Tuas facility
Exterior of Yusen’s Tuas facility

Kwa says: “The automation allows Yusen Logistics to increase the storage volume within the same floor space, increase the order fulfilment rate by 200 per cent and decrease dependency on labour for put-away and picking operations.

“This AutoStore system not only helps Yusen improve the operation but also gives the company first mover advantage to provide same-day delivery, which is a significant competitive advantage.

“The investment in AutoStore also provides capabilities to seamlessly integrate loose picking and bulk picking operations in the new warehouse facility.”

The new warehouse facility is expected to go live in 2019.

Hung says: “Kaizen is a unique part of the culture at Yusen Logistics. That means we seek continuous improvement in the customers’ supply chain.

“The embrace of smart, automated technology is a logical step from our Kaizen culture.

“Swisslog’s AutoStore system integrated goods-to-persons workstations enable Yusen to implement job-redesign and upskills for each role with automation for labour efficiency in the operations.”

Kaizen refers to the concept of continuous improvement.

The Swisslog AutoStore solution is designed to specifically operate in a high-mix, high-volume operation, and features a massive grid measuring length-width-height of 60 m x 20 m x 5.4 m.

Multiple customers’ products are stored in the 40,600 bins and 22 robots running on the grid deliver goods to 11 goods-to-person workstations.

This allows Yusen to increase the throughput up to 18 times compared to current operations, says Swisslog.

Francis Meier, head of Asia Pacific for Swisslog warehouse and distribution solutions, says: “We are excited to partner with Yusen Logistics in realizing its vision of a digital operation that will attract young talent to join the company.

“Automation is the way forward and we are happy to support Yusen Logistics in achieving an Industry 4.0 robotics and data-driven operation.”

yusen Groundbreaking for Tuas
GroundbreakingcCeremony for Yusen’s Tuas logistics facility

The new warehouse was unveiled by Heng Chee How, Deputy Secretary-General of the National Trades Union Congress and Senior Minister of State, Prime Minister’s Office, Kenji Mizushima, President & Representative Director of Yusen Logistics, Ng Kim Hung, Managing Director of Yusen Logistics Singapore, and Francis Meier, Head Region Asia Pacific, Swisslog Warehouse & Distribution Solutions, at the Yusen Logistics Warehouse located at Tuas.

Swisslog is part of the Kuka Group.

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