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Robotiq launches online monitoring tool for Universal Robots


Robotiq has launched an online tool which enables the monitoring of Universal Robots machines. 

The web application is called Insights and the company says it can measure a Universal Robots machine’s performance.

Insights also provides a real-time view of the robot’s key performance indicators in operation, says Robotiq. 

Robotiq says users can assess the cycles completed, efficiency, wait time, and overall utilization for each robot.

Backed with this valuable data, return on investment will become “crystal clear and can help you and your team to undertake future automation projects”, says Robotiq.


Some of the features of Insights allow users to:

  • Monitor robot in real time
  • Measure robot performance over time periods, from years to minutes
  • Gain access to robot data anytime, anywhere
  • Diagnose work cell with digital I/O states and external sensor readout
  • Generate operational key performance indicators, such as cycles completed, utilization, efficiency, wait time, disconnected and so on
  • Receive periodic email reports
  • Receive alerts via SMS on exceptions or when the robot needs attention

Robotiq is offering a three-month free trial of Insights and a free Edge Gateway before the end of 2017.

Once the trial period is over, subscribers can choose between two different paid plans or remain on the free plan.

Robotiq is a manufacturer of end effectors for industrial robots, mainly Universal Robots machines.