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Kawasaki planning to manufacture more robots, possibly a collaborative one

Kawasaki Robotics is planning to manufacture significantly more robots this year than it did in previous years, according to a report on

The company is investing an extra $1 million in its Chonqing facility to increase robot production capacity.

The parent company, Kawasaki Heavy Industries employs around 35,000 people. 

It builds a variety of products, including industrial machinery, aircraft, space systems, ships, electronics, and motorcycles.

The robotics and automation systems Kawasaki builds include industrial robots for processes such as assembly, handling, welding, painting and sealing.

It also manufactures automation systems for distribution and logistics such as automated product- and cargo-handling systems for plants and airports.

Kawasaki is one of the largest industrial robot manufacturers in the world, with more than 110,000 robots installed globally, and it currently produces a wide range of robots, including: 

  • high-speed, high-performance robots;
  • optimised body shop robots;
  • explosion-proof painting robots;
  • palletising robots;
  • clean robots;
  • medical and pharmaceutical robots; and
  • high-speed delta robots.

Its most recent new launch was the duAro dual-armed scara robot. The company is also currently developing a small robot, which may well be a collaborative model.

Currently, it is installing three new assembly lines at its facility in Suzhou, China to build four of its small to mid-size robots.

Kawasaki now wants to increase production to 8,000 units to meet its sales targets for the next several months to March, 2018.

That would be increase of approximately 70 per cent.

Kawasaki is also investing more in capacity to target sales of 12,000.