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B&R adds optimized engineering to 3D SuperTrak simulation

B&R has added a new visualization tool which it says accelerates the development of automation solutions featuring the company’s SuperTrak industrial transport system.

The tool displays a 3D simulation of all SuperTrak shuttle movements, as well as synchronized subsystems such as robotics and CNC.

Machine builders and operators can accelerate the commissioning process by validating their designs and sequential programming in advance. 

The visualization tool and extensive simulation options are fully integrated in B&R’s Automation Studio software development environment.

All simulations are based on real machine code and no additional simulation software or interfaces are required.

In simulation mode, a 3D visualization in the development environment allows processes to be fine-tuned prior to commissioning.

With a few clicks of the mouse, the optimized machine code is then transferred to the target hardware.

At runtime, the visualization tool processes sensor signals to display machine movements on the HMI screen in real time.

“3D visualization is the perfect way to monitor your manufacturing processes,” says B&R.