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Ericsson and Zenuity to create network for self-driving cars

Networking company Ericsson is partnering with Zenuity, an automotive software development joint venture between Autoliv and Volvo, to develop a connectivity platform for cars.

Ericsson says the “end-to-end” platform will be for connected safety, advanced driver assistance systems, and autonomous driving software and functions.

In the first phase of the collaboration, Ericsson and Zenuity will work closely together to develop the Zenuity Connected Cloud – powered by Ericsson internet of things accelerator. 

The offering will accelerate speed to market with robust cloud-based solutions for original equipment manufacturers, leveraging the companies’ respective strengths and existing assets to create a strong base for innovation and new services.

The service will consist of in-vehicle software integrated with other vehicle functions, onboard sensors and cloud support functions that will provide external data from other vehicles and cloud infrastructure.

This will enable real-time visibility to guide vehicles with information and events in transit, says Ericsson.

Dennis Nobelius, CEO, Zenuity, says: “Zenuity was formed to develop the software and solutions the industry requires to create a truly global connected automotive ecosystem.

“With a strong focus on increasing safety through ADAS and AS software and functions, our unique expertise in ADAS and autonomous technologies combined with Ericsson’s technology leadership in complex connectivity solutions is a win-win for the entire automotive industry.

“Together, we will provide OEMs with unique, robust and scalable cloud-based solutions with much faster time to market, allowing them to capture the seemingly endless possibilities in the connected automotive ecosystem of the future.”

As part of the collaboration, Ericsson will provide its IoT platform, IoT Accelerator, which orchestrates the cloud required to run Zenuity’s support functions.

The platform, a scalable IoT solution, will be tailored to the specific needs of ADAS and autonomous vehicles delivering the robustness, responsiveness and security needed.

Niklas Heuveldop, senior vice president, chief strategy officer, head of technology and emerging business, Ericsson, says: “Connectivity is reshaping the future of transport, and Ericsson is right at the heart of this with our IoT Accelerator platform that underpins the connected automotive ecosystem.

“We will work closely with Zenuity to develop a truly end-to-end offering that enables higher levels of safe driving through ADAS and AD [autonomous driving] software and functions.”

Autoliv, which specialises in automotive safety systems, is the exclusive supplier and distribution channel for all Zenuity products.

The offering created by Ericsson and Zenuity will be sold and promoted by Autoliv to car manufacturers worldwide.