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Delta showcases smart production line at Taipei event

Delta Electronics has been demonstrating its high-flexibility multi-tasking smart production line at the Taipei International Industrial Automation Exhibition 2017.

Delta, a provider of industrial automation solutions, has been promoting its theme of “Digitalization and Flexibility for Smart, Green Manufacturing” at the Taipei event.

The company featured its brand new smart production Line with a customer-centric, IIoT-based, fully-automated demo which integrates Delta’s manufacturing execution system, equipment management system, IIoT technology, industrial robots, and automation control solutions. 

At the exhibition, the demo performed on-site smart manufacturing by taking customer orders, flexibly producing customized products, and presenting production process and equipment operation data in real-time.

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Officially called the High Flexibility Multi-tasking Smart Production Line, the system integrates Delta’s hardware and software for building a smart, multi-tasking and digitalized production line for flexible and interchangeable customized production.

The system includes:

  • Delta’s MES system for customer ordering, SMS notification and flexible production rescheduling;
  • the Production Management & Visualization Platform for overall production and machine data monitoring;
  • the three robot workstations with peripheral control system, machine vision system, and sensors for production execution (including pick-and-place, laser carving and packaging); and
  • the new Handheld Barcode Scanner DAH Series to scan customers’ QR codes sent by the MES system for the industrial robot to fetch the designated product and place it in the pick-up area.

Delta says its MES system, linked to a cloud platform, is a “perfect interface” for customers to place orders – select gift and give customized content – through a laptop PC, pad or other mobile device.

The MES also performs order adjustment and production rescheduling for urgent orders, and provides immediate confirmation and notification upon production completion via SMS – including a weblink for customers to monitor production scheduling and progress in real-time and QR code for finished product pick-up.

Delta says its Production Management and Visualization Platform (DIAMMP) is “ideal for overall management and visualization of production line information and equipment operation data”.

The DIAMMP enhances productivity and management efficiency with major functions for production visualization, such as first pass yield (FPY), equipment use and operational efficiency, preventive maintenance, and timely warning.

When applied to the High Flexibility Multi-tasking Smart Production Line, the DIAMMP is connected to the MES and cloud, and presents order scheduling, production progress and easy-to-read equipment operation data.

The new Handheld Barcode Scanner DAH Series features highly sensitive and fast capture capability barcode reading algorithms, and can capture 1-D and 2-D barcodes within a range of 5-20cm.

The DAH Series is lightweight (300g) and adopts an ergonomic design to provide a comfortable gripping experience for personnel engaging in long-term operation.

When applied to the High Flexibility Multi-tasking Smart Production Line, the DAH Series can correctly and rapidly scan the QR code sent by the MES, and help identify the customers´ order information.

The DAH Series will be available for the global market by the end of 2017.

The three-robot workstation integrates one Delta scara robot and two articulated robots, along with peripheral automation control and drive systems, machine vision system, sensors, and a handheld barcode scanner, to build the High Flexibility Multi-tasking Smart Production Line and execute customized production processes.

First: Ordering, feeding, and laser carving

The first workstation adopts the Delta articulated robot DRV90L series to complete multi-tasking operations.

The DRV90L first picks up different work pieces from the feeding area, and laser carves custom content according to orders from the MES.

When completed, the DRV90L will pick up the finished goods and place them in gift boxes on the conveyor.

Second: Packaging

The Delta SCARA robot DRS60L series on the second workstation will conduct conveyor tracking with Delta’s machine vision system to place the gift boxes and put on covers during conveyance.

Third: Finished good storage and pick-and-place

The DRV90L Series articulated robot on the third workstation picks up the gift boxes and places them in the storage area.

At this point, the MES sends out completion notification with QR code via SMS to inform customers.

On a customer’s arrival, Delta’s service team will scan the QR code with the Handheld Barcode Scanner DAH Series, and the DRV90L will pick up the customer’s gifts from storage area and place them on the pick-up tray.

Delta also showcased more newly-launched advanced smart manufacturing solutions at the Taipei event.

Smart manufacturing solutions

Provide comprehensive monitoring and visualization of manufacturing, factory and production equipment, and energy consumption of factory equipment & production machines, including:

1. MES Smart Manufacturing Solution: Monitors production information such as customer orders, production scheduling and production progress.

2. Equipment Management & Visualization Solution: Integrates Delta´s industrial controllers, human machine interfaces and managed industrial switches to connect production equipment and collect operational data. With data and information uploaded to the DIAView SCADA System for analysis and visualization, managers and operators can master equipment information and production progress in real-time to ensure high product quality and productivity.

3. Factory Energy Saving & Monitoring Solution: Integrates Delta´s industrial controllers, managed industrial switches and power meters to collect real-time operational data and power consumption. The operational data is uploaded to the DIAView SCADA System for remote monitoring and management; and the power consumption details are transmitted to the DIAEnergie Industrial Energy Management System for energy use analysis and management.

Smart Machine Solutions: Comprehensively integrate production equipment (automation systems, machine vision system & sensors, and energy-saving solutions), control devices (industrial controllers and data exchange switches), and management platform (MES, equipment monitoring and visualization, quality diagnosis, energy monitoring and analysis, and IIoT cloud-based platform) to build smart machine solutions.

Customers are able to place orders on-line, and the MES will acquire information from the cloud and give commands to factory production machines and execute production processes. All operational data and information is tracked, recorded and analysed for visualization.

The Delta ASDA-A3 Series AC Servo Drive is designed for applications that require high-speed response, exceptional accuracy and remarkably smooth motion.

Its built-in motion functions are perfect for flying cut, rotary table, E-Cam and other applications, says Delta.

The ASDA-A3 Series, with 3.1 kHz frequency response and 24-bit resolution absolute type encoder, can increase its response capability.

The notch filters for resonance and vibration suppression function facilitate the smooth operation of the machine, which will be demonstrated at Delta´s booth to showcase the function’s benefits.

The user-friendly software with graphic interface and auto tuning function minimizes commissioning time and simplifies the implementation process.

The compact design of the ASDA-A3 Series servo drive and its motors greatly reduces mounting space for easier arrangement in a control cabinet. The ASDA-A3 Series offers an exceptional user experience and optimizes the motion system for your equipment.

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