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Omron to acquire Microscan Systems

Industrial automation company Omron has agreed to acquire Microscan Systems, a provider of code scanning and decoding technology for industrial applications.

Omron says it is planning to further advance the control of manufacturing equipment and production lines, using internet of things to “connect virtually all objects on a manufacturing floor”, including components and machines.

The completion of the acquisition is scheduled for early October of 2017. 

Microscan Systems’ business is said to be expanding worldwide. The company develops a wide range of code reading devices, including barcode readers, 2D barcode readers, and barcode verifiers.

Omron says Microscan Systems also possesses “one of the most advanced algorithms in the industry”, which enables stable reading of codes directly engraved or printed on products, even those with rough, glossy, or curved surfaces.

The financial terms of the deal were not disclosed.

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