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B&R gives its industrial PC more power with Intel Xeon processor

B&R’s Automation PC 910 is now optionally available with an Intel Xeon processor to make it more powerful, says the company.

The new microarchitecture provides a “50 per cent increase in performance” compared to the previous high-performance Core i processors, adds B&R, which was recently acquired by industrial giant ABB.

This level of performance allows effective handling of all applications that require fast analysis of large amounts of data, such as machine vision, data preparation for cloud applications and data mining for collection and analysis of quality data. 

The whole range of processors available for the Automation PC 910 provides maximum computing power for the most complex tasks.

The new quad-core Xeon processor now gives the Automation PC 910 a CPU option that was previously reserved for large servers.

The Automation PC 910 series continues to offer all the advantages of its fully modular and scalable design.

The three available housing variants feature between one and five expansion slots, which can hold a wide variety of interface cards and data storage devices.

The standard operating systems Windows 10 IoT Enterprise and Linux are available for the new processor.