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Oracle and Mitsubishi Electric to jointly develop internet of things platform for smart manufacturing

Oracle is partnering with Mitsubishi Electric to develop an internet of things platform for smart manufacturing.

Mitsubishi Electric developed its new FA-IT Open Platform for factory automation with Oracle Cloud.

Using edge computing between devices and business applications, the new platform enables the rapid collection, analysis, and utilization of data at production site, says the company. 

With organizations rapidly adopting Industry 4.0, manufacturers are increasingly seeking to optimize their total manufacturing processes by using IoT to collect data from all equipment in factories for visualization and analysis.

Developing such IoT systems from scratch is an enormous task requiring that data be collected and modeled from a wide variety of production equipment, including existing equipment, for analytical purposes.

With FA-IT Open Platform, Mitsubishi says vendors can create manufacturing applications for operation on the platform, including connecting the platform to industrial networks to collect data from diverse devices and production equipment.

The cloud-connected platform can be used to link manufacturing sites with cloud vendors’ own cloud-supported manufacturing-optimization services for supply chains, administration of multiple factories worldwide, and other applications.

FA-IT Open Platform uses a number of Oracle Cloud services. Information received in real time from machine tools and production terminals is received by Oracle IoT Cloud, enabling real time processing with the extensible infrastructure.

Mitsubishi Electric utilizes machine learning of Oracle Database Cloud, the reporting function of Oracle BI Cloud, and the cost-effective Oracle Cloud Infrastructure in the analysis of accumulated Big Data.

Toshiya Takahashi, corporate executive group senior vice president, factory automation system, Mitsubishi Electric, says: “Mitsubishi Electric develops advanced technologies and products for rapidly emerging factory automation.

“Our e-F@ctory concept for integrated automation reduces the total cost of developing, producing and maintaining products. Mitsubishi Electric’s new FA-IT Open Platform is based on edge computing to accelerate IoT utilization for smart manufacturing.

“By adding Oracle Cloud services to this platform, we believe that it will be possible to visualize factories and build an application development environment.

“In order to provide the platform to customers early, we will also work with partner companies, including IT companies, to develop applications utilizing the platform.”

Mitsubishi’s e-Factory initiative is a platform provided by Mitsubishi to enable smart factory technologies.