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Norautron recruits ABB’s YuMi collaborative robot to help with Abax electronics manufacturing

Norautron, an electronics manufacturer based in Norway, has invested in the ABB YuMi collaborative robot to help the company meet additional demands relating to a manufacturing agreement with Abax, a supplier of electronics for cars and other road vehicles. 

Norautron fully automatic robotic work cell is said to be able to manufacture, assemble, mark and pack four unique products.

With this new cell, hardware can be assembled in Norway at a competitive cost level, says the company. 

Norautron has been learning about YuMi for many months and says its new robotic work cell will be operational later this year.

In a statement, Nurautron says: “With this new assembly line, the YuMi cobot is taken to the next level.

“Since the first YuMi was installed in September last year, we have had a steep  learning curve. The assembly line will be installed towards the end of 2017.”

Norautron says it will copy the new manufacturing concept and install it at the other Abax manufacturing plants.

Norautron is undertaking research in collaboration with the Research Council of Norway, looking into the flexibility of the usage of collaborative.

The company says that the use of cobots is necessary in the Nordic countries in order to improve the competitiveness on assembly processes.