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HMK claims new collaborative robot is world’s first to have integrated vision

Industrial automation company HMK has launched what it claims is the world’s first collaborative robot with integrated vision. 

UK-based HMK’s vision system is built into a robotic arm built by Techman Robot, a Taiwanese company.

HMK says its TM5 Cobot system “sets a new benchmark” in collaborative robotics because it merges systems that usually function separately in conventional robots. 

It adds that the TM5 is “the only collaborative robot to incorporate simple programming, a fully integrated vision system and the latest safety standards in a single unit”.

The company says the TM5’s vision enables capabilities including direction identification, self-calibration of coordinates and visual task operation.

Also, HMK says the TM5 can “fine-tune in accordance with actual conditions at any time” to accomplish complex processes that used to demand the integration of various equipment.

Moreover, it requires less manpower and time to recalibrate when objects or coordinates move and thus significantly improves flexibility as well as reducing maintenance cost.

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