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Denso creates new company for advanced driver assistance systems

Denso, the main supplier of electronics to Toyota, is establishing a new company to make components for autonomous driving. 

The new company has been named NSITEXE, and it will develop electronics for advanced driver assistance systems as well as next-generation autonomous vehicles.

More specifically, NSITEXE will design and develop semiconductor intellectual property cores, and systems on chips, or SoCs, which will then be licensed to manufacturers. 

advanced driver assistance systems
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The company says that, when automated driving becomes the norm, high-performance, low-power semiconductors will be required to monitor the situation around the vehicle by processing large amounts of data from sensors and external communications at high speed.

This data will help make decisions for automated driving functions.

The new company will develop a next-generation processor which can quickly and efficiently analyze large amounts of data from sensors and external communication to determine the optimal vehicle operation.

The semiconductor IP cores optimized for in-vehicle applications will be licensed to in-vehicle microcomputer and SoC manufacturers.

Denso has refined in-vehicle semiconductor technologies over many years as part of its ongoing mission to develop the advanced technologies delivering an environmentally friendly, safe and secure automotive society.

And while it develops its own computing components, Denso has also been active in its pursuit of partnerships with other companies.

Denso has licensed graphics processing unit as well as central processing unit technologies from a company called Imagination Technologies.

Additionally, Denso has selected Cypress Semiconductor’s Traveo automotive microcontroller range and its FL-S Serial NOR Flash memory portfolio for some of the dashboard instrumentation it develops for Toyota vehicles.