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Mclennan launches Phytron ZSH series harsh environment stepper motors

Mclennan has now made available specialist ZSH-series stepper motors from its new distribution partner Phytron.

The motors are built for use in especially harsh industrial environments, says the company.

As part of a wide range that spans proven use in environments from deep space and ultra-high vacuum to standard industrial, the ZSH is designed as a cost effective solution for truly harsh industrial use where standard build stepper motors would have severe limitations. 

Such application areas would include automated machinery where IP68 environmental protection is a prerequisite, or inside climatic chambers, or perhaps submerged in liquids such as fuel oils or detergents.

A specific area of use for this motor is adjusting rotor blades in aviation. The IP68 option includes a robust housing and high-strength cable gland waterproof immersion up to 10 m depth.

An extended temperature range option covers dynamic use from -30 to +80 °C with a short term capability to +100 °C.

The range is available in NEMA compatible frame diameters of 57, 87 and 107 mm. The 2-phase 200 step/rev hybrid stepper motor design is microstep compatible with smooth motion and holding torque from 0.45 to 17 Nm.

Realising that many applications require more drive-train components parts than just a motor, a wide range of options with harsh-environment specifications include integral permanent magnet brakes, various feedback encoders and backlash-free planetary gear units with reduction ratios from 3:1 to 512:1.

Further custom options include double shafts, terminal box or free wire electrical connection.

Whilst the exclusive UK and Ireland distribution partnership with Phytron was completed in June this year, Mclennan has several years’ experience applying Phytron’s standard and extreme grade motion components in demanding applications that include industrial, vacuum, space and cryogenic motion control across manufacturing & test, process industries, and scientific research.