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Robotics investment fund claims 40 per cent returns in one year

A robotics investment fund claims it has seen returns of almost 40 per cent since it was established a year ago, according to a report on Business Insider

Botz is a Nadaq-listed exchange-traded fund, which has holdings in a variety of companies in the robotics and artificial intelligence sectors.

ETFs are like shares in a collection of different companies – usually in a particular sector such as robotics and AI – and they are sold as though they were shares in one company. 

ETFs are said to be increasingly popular with investors, and Markets Insider saying the ETF market for stocks has grown 500 per cent over the past eight years.

The company behind the Botz ETF is called Global X, which says the net assets under management total more than $327 million.

The largest holdings the Botz fund has are in Mitsubishi, Nvidia and Keyence.