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SoftKinetic to showcase DepthSense gesture control solution at Frankfurt motor show

SoftKinetic is to showcase its DepthSense gesture control and in-cabin monitoring solutions at the Frankfurt International Motor Show event, scheduled for mid-September. 

SoftKinetic, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Sony, says its DepthSense system “paves the way to autonomous driving”.

The provider of 3D vision and gesture recognition technologies says manufacturers need to embrace innovation and compete at the level of hi-tech companies. 

One major challenge at hand, says SoftKinetic, is the transition to SAE level 3 automation.

“This transition can’t be achieved without the implementation of a complete in-cabin monitoring solution, and depth-sensing technology will play a central role in the system,” says SoftKinetic in a statement.

Time-of-flight has become the de facto depth-sensing technology for in-cabin automotive sensing. Not only can manufacturers rely on its small size and low computation requirement, but ToF’s exceptional dynamic range, and robustness to heat and vibration, makes it a sturdy and reliable solution.

SoftKinetic’s demonstration at the Frankfurt IAA will showcase its 3D time-of-flight based in-cabin monitoring software libraries for automobiles, and will dig into the many other applications for this technology to enhance autonomous navigation, infotainment, safety, and the overall driving experience.

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