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brookings robot map

Map produced by Brookings pinpoints location of all robots in the US

The Brookings Institution has found that Michigan has the highest number of robots of all the states in the US. 

Brookings found that Detroit, traditionally the motor town of the US, has more than 15,000 industrial robots installed.

That works out to about 8.5 robots per 1,000 workers, says Brookings. 

Working from research by economists Daron Acemoglu and Pascual Restrepo, as well as data collected by the International Federation of Robotics, Brookings produced a map showing metropolitan areas with the highest number of robots.

As well as Michigan, other areas with high numbers of robots are Ohio, with 20,400 robots, and Indiana, with 19,400 robots.

In total, the US has about 233,305 industrial robots at work, says Brookings.