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Fuji Kiko selects Aras product lifecycle management platform

Automotive components manufacturer Fuji Kiko has chosen the Aras product lifecycle management platform to streamline its design and development process as well as manage its global operation.

Aras, a PLM specialist, adds that Fuji Kiko will use the system to manage prototype development, production management, sales, and procurement processes.

The automotive supplier went through a comprehensive process to evaluate and select a PLM system with the flexibility and upgradeability necessary to support the pace of innovation by their global product teams. 

Fuji Kiko product teams will initially use the Aras platform to improve configuration management and change management as well as process management of product design.

After a comprehensive search of major PLM providers, Fuji Kiko says it selected Aras based on the following criteria:

  • Scalable, robust, and flexible PLM capabilities to accommodate changing business requirements.
  • Model-based, service-oriented architecture that delivers low total cost of ownership without reducing the long term vision of the project.
  • A proven upgrade process that allows the company to move to future platform and application releases regardless of the amount of customizations in the current implementation.

Peter Schroer, Aras CEO, says: “In this era of unparalleled product complexity and connectivity in the automotive industry, a PLM platform must easily accommodate changing business needs with ‘yet-to-be-determined’ requirements dictated by innovation.

“Unlike traditional systems that impose a monolithic, one-size-fits-all approach, the Aras PLM platform ensures Fuji Kiko can support the needs of the global enterprise as it continues to grow and innovate.”