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Toshiba launches three new industrial robots aimed at automated picking applications

Toshiba Machine has launched three new industrial robots.

The three new models are part of the company’s TVM series of vertically articulated robots, and all have “high cost performance and reliability”, says Toshiba.

The TVM series is designed primarily for use in transfer and assembly processes in the automobile components industry and enables high productivity in assembly and transfer by combining with a wide array of system installation support tools. 

The three new robots, along with some numbers, are:

  • TVM900 (Reach: 900 mm, Maximum payload: 20 kg)
  • TVM1200 (Reach: 1,200 mm, Maximum payload: 15 kg)
  • TVM1500 (Reach: 1,500 mm, Maximum payload: 10 kg)

Toshiba says the models in the TVM series are cost-effective because they use shared parts and lightweight designs.

The major parts for these products are manufactured in Japan, and include installation of automated bin picking systems.

Combining with the robot vision recognition package, TSVision3D, enables quick and easy installation of an automated bin picking system, says Toshiba.

The company adds that TSVision3D includes a number of features such as easy model registration without requiring CAD data, easy calibration, function for collision avoidance with boxes, and more, for serving as a powerful support tool in system installation.

The robots also have programming support tool for assistance in system installation.

The TSAssist (option) robot programming assist tool can be used to provide powerful assistance in all work phases, from planning of automation facilities to installation and improvements.

The high-performance 3D simulation function of TSAssist includes useful features for interference check, path display, accurate simulations, and more.