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Bharati Robotics shows off autonomous industrial cleaning robot

bharati agv crop
The Bharati autonomous guided vehicle for materials transport

Bharati Robotics Systems has been showing off its new autonomous industrial floor cleaning robots. 

The company says the small vehicle saves labour costs and increases productivity by up to 200 per cent, and cleans the floor better than humans, or the “highest quality of cleaning”.

The robot’s battery lasts up to four hours on one charge and it has a smartphone interface through which it can be monitored and controlled. 

So far, the cleaning robot – called August (pictured below) has found work in factories, warehouses, malls, airports and railway stations.

Bharati has also revealed a new robot – an automated guided vehicle – for materials transport, which it says is “100 per cent autonomous”.

The company says the JB400 (main picture) can carry up to 1.5 tons and onboard diagnostics with web and mobile interfaces.

bharati robotics cleaning robot
The Bharati Robotics cleaning robot, August