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construct ros industrial

TheConstruct launches new training courses for Robot Operating System

construct ros industrial

TheConstruct has launched several new courses for people who want to learn to use the Robot Operating System. 

The online simulation environment provider has two courses, in particular, which may interest readers of this website.

One of them is called ROS Autonomous Vehicles 101, and the other is ROS-Industrial 101. Both are available through the website,

construct ros autonomous cars

Among the areas the autonomous vehicle tutorials cover are:

  • the sensors required for autonomous cars and how to access them using ROS;
  • how to set up autonomous navigation using GPS;
  • how to create an obstacle avoider; and
  • how to interface ROS with a car that follows the DBW interface.

The tutorials for the industrial applications teach the following:

  • the basics of URDF for industrial robots;
  • how to create a Movelt package for an industrial robot; and
  • performing motion planning using Python.

The website is also offering a free one-year course in exchange for referring a teacher to the TheConstruct Academy.

As well as offering a range of training courses on its online robot simulation platform, TheConstruct is also working with the Costa Coffee chain to develop what they claim is the first robot serve coffee directly to tables.

The coffee-carrying robot (video below), which itself looks like a small round coffee table, was developed by two students from the Institut La Guineueta, in Barcelona, Spain.