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Plant manufacturer Schenck RoTec extends range of services in its balancing centres

Schenck RoTec

Schenck RoTec has added a new feature to its certified balancing services – high-speed balancing of flexible rotors. 

The company claims to be “the global market leader in balancing and diagnostic systems”.

Basically it balances rotating bodies to avoid vibrations.

In heavy industrial machines such as gas turbines and electric generators, vibration can cause catastrophic failure, as well as noise and discomfort. 

Schenck RoTec operates certified balancing centres at 13 sites throughout Europe. Four such facilities, offering a broad range of technical balancing services, are available to customers in Germany.

The main beneficiaries of the company’s new high-speed balancing service will be manufacturers and maintainers of turbine rotors, generators, multi-stage pumps and large electric armatures.

Balancing flexible rotors is a particularly demanding task, says Schenck RoTec. It places high requirements on the measuring and technical equipment because the unbalance in these types of rotors changes as their rotational speed increases.

In order to achieve reliable results, these rotors must always be balanced close to their operating speed. Schenck RoTec says it can now fulfil such demands.

In a nutshell, flexible rotors weighing up to 20 tons and up to eight metres long can now be balanced at speeds of over 50,000 rpm. In addition, strength testing can be performed at overspeed.

Highly qualified balancing specialists test, inspect and measure both single rotors and entire components in Schenck RoTec’s balancing centres.

They correct unbalance in small and large series equipment to the customer’s order or rectify disruptive vibrations in machines at their place of operation, or in-situ balancing.

Their services range from precision balancing of the smallest rotors down to a residual unbalance of just a few micrograms through to balancing large rotors using processes tailored to the individual case.

Schenck RoTec’s balancing and spin testing services are certified in Germany in accordance with various internationally recognised standards.