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Energised by smartphones, sensors are driving the automotive industry

dsp concepts auto-measure

One of the main reasons why highly-sophisticated sensors have come down in price to affordable levels in the past few years is smartphones. 

The economies of scale achieved through having to produce literally billions of sensors for smartphones has established a strong manufacturing base for sensing technology.

And from that base, sensors are now driving many different markets, perhaps most interesting of which is the automotive market. 

As cars become more autonomous, connected and electric, they will need many more sensors than smartphones currently do.

In recognition of this fast-growing market, the Sensors Expo & Conference, starting tomorrow in San Jose, is to hold its first Automotive & Autonomous Vehicle Sensors Workshop, led by Willard Tu, of DSP Concepts.

Speakers will include:

  • Aniket Saha – director CPU, ARM
  • Boris Shulkin – vice president, R&D, Magna International
  • Geoff Ballew – senior director product marketing, ON Semiconductor
  • Louay Eldada – CEO & co-founder, Quanergy
  • Josh Hartung – co-founder & CEO, PolySync
  • Felix Heide – chief scientist, Algolux
  • Satish Jha – chairman & CEO, XCube Communication

In addition, the Autotech Council will host a “Startup Review” to highlight new and exciting startups in the automotive sensing industry on Wednesday, June 28.

As the autonomous vehicle movement gains momentum, sense technologies are playing an integral role in enabling Advance Drive Assistance System features – the building blocks to autonomous driving capabilities.

As sensors like LiDAR, Radar, and Cameras become more cost-effective, vehicle OEMs are offering more ADAS features to the market. Panelists during the workshop will also discuss advances in machine learning & software solutions and trends among processing, CPUs and analysis.

Attendees will have the exclusive opportunity to win a RearVision – the only wireless automotive backup camera and intelligent alert system from Pearl Automation.

Tu says: “Vehicle OEMS have pledged huge investments and triggered M&A activities around the autonomous vehicle movement.

“Catapulted by this momentum, our workshop was designed to educate attendees on the shift in traditional automotive electronics and move toward high-performance computer platforms, designed to fuse data from an array of vehicle sense elements as well as data from V2X sources.

“Our content rich agenda and dynamic speakers will offer attendees a detailed look into the key trends and technologies impacting this market today and how to effectively integrate sense technologies into the autonomous vehicles of the future.”

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