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leybold carnegie mellon

Carnegie Mellon names one of its rooms after Leybold

leybold carnegie mellon

University marks inauguration of a Leybold Conference and Reception Room at Carnegie Mellon University Nanofabrication Facility

Being at the forefront of university research is very important for innovating next generation vacuum technology products.

As a local partner with Pittsburgh based Carnegie Mellon University, Leybold has been not only a supplier, but also a generous and benevolent sponsor for years.

As an acknowledgement for this close cooperation, the CMU community named one of the new conference center and reception rooms “Leybold” and celebrated this inauguration with a presentation and reception held at the CMU Nanofabrication Facility recently. 

leybold carnegie mellon

CMU started in 1900 with a donation of $1 million from steel pioneer Andrew Carnegie.

With some 15,000 students they are not on the same population scale of larger institutions in the USA, but in achievements they are ranked globally overall at 23, and for top US colleges and universities they are ranked at 19.

US News & World Report currently ranks CMU at 5 in their category Best Graduate Engineering Schools. This is primarily due to their lead research and development in areas of:

  • computer science;
  • robotics; and
  • general engineering technologies.

As with many universities, CMU has multiple halls with multidisciplinary labs ranging from Biology, Biomedical Engineering, Chemistry, Electrical and Computer Engineering, Materials Science, Physics, Robotics, Mechanical Engineering and others.

Each has its level of vacuum needs ranging from the rough vacuum regime to their ultra-high vacuum requirements, and vacuum pumping equipment from several key suppliers, including local partner Leybold, who provides vacuum pumps, instruments and vacuum consultation.

Leybold, like CMU, is a leader in its field. As a pioneer in vacuum technology celebrating 167 years, Leybold supports industry and research throughout the world with vacuum engineering consultation, vacuum pumps and systems, thin-film equipment, instrumentation and related services. CMU employs such Leybold equipment in their new Nanofabrication facility.

Gianluca Piazza, faculty director of the CMU Nanofabrication Facility, says: “CMU is not known as a large research university, but instead we are recognized more for our R&D successes in disciplines such as Computer Science, Engineering and Robotics.

“The new nanofabrication facility will allow us to compete with much larger universities for research grants in the areas of thin film technology, nanomanufacturing and nano/micro systems.

“This would not be possible without the generous support of partners such as Leybold and other local suppliers.

“We are excited to continue our collaboration with Leybold in areas of process development where we can use their expertise in vacuum sciences for thin film deposition as well as other R&D activities throughout CMU.”

Carl Brockmeyer, general manager at Leybold USA, says: “We at Leybold value the importance of thin-film and nano / micro device research and we thank the CMU community for the close association and ongoing partnership with Leybold and offer our congratulations on their accomplishment in realizing the new Nanofabrication Facility, a premier research laboratory in the world.

“My colleagues and I at Leybold are committed to nurturing a strong partnership with the CMU for many years to come. CMU has our commitment for continued collaboration and support of their Nano research”.