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Spinea launches new servo actuator for precision motion


Spinea has launched its new DS 095 DriveSpin servo actuator motor for precision control.

Recently announced by Spinea and available in the UK from Heason Technology, the DriveSpin DS 095 series integrates the industry leading TwinSpin high-load capacity trochoidal gear unit and a powerful AC servomotor with servo feedback for a cutting-edge rotary actuator solution for precision motion applications.

The inline (non-hollowshaft) design of the DS 095 fulfils the gap between the DS 70 and DS 100 models to provide a rated torque of up to 85 Nm and maximum lost motion and hysteresis values of less than one arc-min. 

With its excellent power density and very compact axial length the modular actuator boasts industry leading tilt and torsional stiffness specifications in addition to minimal vibration and long service life.

Spinea’s TwinSpin reduction gear units are characterised by a patented trochoidal high-precision gear reduction arrangement with meshed outer and inner planetary gears retained by high load capacity needle roller bearings.

As the input gear ring is rotated by the servomotor, the eccentric action of the planetary gearing causes rotation to the output gear ring in the same direction.

With almost 50% simultaneous gear meshing, high efficiency and backlash-free torque transmission is realised with radial and axial stiffness maintained at very high levels by the large bearing surfaces.

To suit a wide range of servo drives the DM 095 is available with a choice of three high performance servomotors with DC voltage/nominal current ratings of 24/29, 320/2.1 and 560/1.2.

Similar flexibility extends to the choice of feedback options that include Hiperface, Endat, resolvers and incremental encoders.

Brake options are available with or without hand release, and electrical connection flexibility covers cable as well as straight or angled power and feedback connectors.

With its own in-house system integration service and distribution partnerships with leading motion equipment suppliers, Heason Technology supports the DS series and other Spinea TwinSpin-equipped precision actuator assembles with servo drives and compatible motion controls.

Design and build services extend to fully automated motion assemblies that include bespoke mechanics, servo drives, feedback sensors and motion controls, with cable management and other automation system components.