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Opening Dave Farr - Emerson

Emerson inaugurates Polish manufacturing facility

Opening Dave Farr - Emerson

Industrial automation company Emerson has inaugurated a new facility on its Polish site.

The new part of the Emerson facility produces Asco valves, and was inaugurated on in Lodz, Poland by Emerson CEO David Farr.

The event was attended by members of management board and representatives of the city of Lodz with the mayor Hanna Zdanowska. 

The Emerson plant in Poland has been operating in Lodz since 1996 producing industrial Asco valves.

The company started its operations in the former Polmo technical building, which was adapted for production purposes.

With the growing needs of business, the facility space grew from an area of over 7,000 sq m to another 6,500 sq m.

At present the facility employs 400 employees but with the expansion in office space, the number of employees will be doubled, says Dariusz Gebarowski, director of the Lodz factory.

Emerson has seven Asco plants in Europe and 16 worldwide. With the expansion of this facility, it is said to be the largest Asco plant in Europe.

The new office space, is expected to increase the customer base, generating more number of employment opportunities.

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