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Micro-Measurements introduces superfast production program

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Micro-Measurements – a brand of the Vishay Precision Group – says it has introduced a superfast production program for its products.

The company has launched its Quick-Turn program, offering R&D quality strain gage samples to its worldwide customer base, with deliveries in as few as seven working days, depending on pattern complexity.

As longtime industry experts, Micro-Measurements understands that the proper integration of strain gages into any application is an iterative process. 

This process can require the evaluation of multiple strain gage patterns, prior to arriving at a “best fit” solution.

In the case of strain-gage based transducer designs and product prototypes, for example, the testing and evaluation of multiple strain gage patterns is an essential aspect of achieving optimum system performance.

For experimental stress analysis, strain gages which address challenges of geometry, space constraints, or installation efficiencies can be designed to exact customer specifications with fast deliveries.

With these and other needs in mind, the goal of the Quick-Turn program is to facilitate expedited customer access to a variety of strain gage samples, allowing for the full support of any required technology evaluations prior to final integration.

Strain gages offered under the Quick-Turn program include full series of most catalog patterns, including optional features, as well as bespoke designs. Samples are offered in quantities of either four packages, consisting of five strain gages per package; or 20 packages, consisting of one strain gage per package.

All samples feature the same quality, materials, design, construction and performance as standard catalog products. Their sole distinguishing feature is a packaging designation of “R&D Samples”.

For strain gage pattern designs to exact customer requirements, sample costs are included in the setup fee.

To obtain Quick-Turn samples, customers are invited to forward application details to the Micro-Measurements in-house technical sales and applications engineering team at, or to contact their nearest authorized sales representative.

The longtime technical experts at Micro-Measurements will collaborate directly with the customer on a “best fit” solution, based upon either existing strain gages, or a design to unique requirements.