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Denso unveils collaborative robot prototype it calls ‘Cobotta’

Denso, one of the world’s largest robotics and automation companies, has unveiled a video of the new collaborative robot it calls “Cobotta”.

The tiny six-axis prototype will be officially released towards the end of 2017 but the company has released a short video showing how it operates.

Denso, which is owned by Toyota, says Cobotta is ideal for research, testing, and learning purposes at universities, scientific institutes, laboratories, and more. 

denso cobotta

The machine provides “a flexible programming platform”, allowing users to operate the robot with diverse common programming languages such as C#, C++, and VB.

The robot also features an arm reach of 310 mm and a payload of 500 grams.

The controller is in the robot’s base, which makes it very compact and light – only 3.8 kg.