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Video: F&P Robotics boss says he wouldn’t trust the thinking, feeling robots of the future

The founder and managing director of F&P Robotics says he wouldn’t trust the robots of the future because they will become conscious and capable of taking over the world, and possibly enslaving humans. (See video below.)

The experienced roboticist, who has a background in natural sciences and brain research, says it’s only a matter of time before artificial intelligence-powered robots start thinking about big questions – like, who created the universe and what is the point of humans.

In an interview with, recorded at Hannover Messe in Germany (video above), Dr Hansruedi Früh says the only difference between humans and robots, at the moment, is “self-reflection, which only humans and very few animals have”, but robot learning is progressing and that their consciousness is inevitable. 

“I am sure they will become conscious,” says Früh, adding that although humans can still do a lot of things robots are not capable of, “I would not agree that there won’t be a point in the future when robots cannot do that [which humans are capable of].

“I would not trust that they would not have consciousness, for example, that they cannot have feelings – real feelings, based on sensory and conscious reinforcements, and I could not trust that they could not have empathy even.”