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SAP and Kuka partner to design the ‘factory of the future’

SAP and Kuka say they will work together around Industrial 4.0 and Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) to develop more flexible and automated production processes.

Both companies want to collaborate, particularly in the areas of manufacturing, mechanical engineering and the automotive sector.

The integration of Kuka robots into SAP’s digital manufacturing is based on standard protocols such as OPC Unified Architecture.

In addition, Kuka and SAP plan to provide Kuka robot applications based on the SAP Leonardo IoT platform

Kuka robots will be integrated into SAP Cloud Platform, helping companies evaluate predictive maintenance scenarios and monitor factory floors.

Kuka also plans to use selected SAP technology components as part of its own connyun IoT platform.

Through the SAP Leonardo portfolio, SAP has introduced a variety of solutions to support Industry 4.0 and IIoT. Kuka says its own expertise in intelligent automation solutions complements these solutions.

In addition, selected SAP technology and business components will enhance Kuka’s start-up platform connyun, with a focus on mid-size machine construction.

Dr Tanja Rueckert, executive vice president, IoT and digital supply chain, SAP, says: “By seamlessly integrating automation solutions from Kuka and selected solutions from our SAP Leonardo IoT platform and SAP Connected Manufacturing software, we can make a significant contribution to driving closer the integration of top floor and shop floor in manufacturing.

“This enables customers to build a high level of customer satisfaction and support them on their way to digital transformation.”

Dr Christian Schloegel, chief digital officer, Kuka, says: “Kuka makes its machines and systems more intelligent and supplements them with innovative software solutions.

“We are committed to a twofold strategy: we are tying the Kuka robots on SAP Cloud Platform and the SAP Leonardo IoT platform.

“At the same time, the connyun Industry 4.0 platform of our start-up company of the same name will be supplemented with SAP technology components and SAP business applications. In this way, we can optimally adjust all customer requirements and support our customers in their digital transformation.”

The combination of expertise in machines, connectivity and production processes, together with expertise from SAP around Big Data analytics, business applications and the operation of large global infrastructures, creates an ideal landscape for this partnership.

The collaboration between Kuka and SAP brings added value to the customer, especially for midsize machine builders.